How to install Pyenv and Anaconda

See previous post.
Now just pre-installed Python is in my Mac.
Let’s install “Anaconda” which is one of Python frameworks.
Before installing Anaconda, install Pyenv which is Python Version Management tool.
Just follow the instruction page… I hope…
Before you do this, I recommend you to execute this command in terminal.
You can see invisible folders and files in each finder.

If you want hide invisible folders and files again, just execute the command below.


Type the command below to check out update and upgrade Homebrew.
If you don’t install Homebrew yet, just get Homebrew from the link above.


Add eval “$(pyenv init -)” to your profile. Just copy and paste them in terminal.
These commands made PATH in .bash_profile. (See detail what pyenv init does)


Just check out if pyenv is installed or not with this command below.

And also you can check out which version of Python and Python frameworks is possible to install using pyenv. Type this command below.


Let’s install one of them from the above list!
Install command is like below.
(This is for the latest version of Anaconda)

And change Anaconda as a default typing code below.

“*” means selected version of Python.


Where installed Anaconda folder is like tis path below.
In the folder, there is a launcher icon.
Take a look at the pic.
the path where anaconda was installed

Just launch Anaconda clicking the icon!


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